SFG Trading: The Full Scoop

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    Let's be clear, bucket shops have real people who work for them and can set up "financial institution accounts". That in no way makes them professional firms you can trust, and making payments by PayPal with a $10,000 limit just screams unprofessional! The trust in addresses is also charmingly naive. When we all Google street view their address (2297 Rue Guénette, Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4R 2E9) we see that it's a warehouse in an industrial logistics park, it's clearly again not a professional financial firm anyone who isn't a complete fool is going to send their money to.
    You're obviously both the same shill for the same firm, with your 2 posts each. Perhaps not everyone on Elite Trader is brilliant, but I surely hope none of them are foolish enough to fall for this crap.
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