SF150 Fluorine Silicon Drilling Fluids Thinner (powder)

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    SF150 Fluorine Silicon Drilling Fluids Thinner (powder)

    In order to satisfy the need of drilling, we research and develop high-temperature drilling liquid thinner, which is convenient to carriage and usage. It is a kind of black mobile solid powder which has the excellent nature of lowing stick and function of fastening wall against collapse. It also has function of disperser, lubrication, and antifoaming to the drilling fluid system, and control hydrating shale and improve mudding function of drilling fluid. It¡¯s maintaining time last long after dealing the mud. This kind of product is green and environmental Protection with non-toxic, and non-pollution.

    1. Performance index
    Item Index
    Appearance Black mobile solid powder
    PH value 8~11
    Wet value ¡Â15
    Stick falling rate % 90 ¡¾ 2 ¨¬C quantity addition 1% (percent by quality) ¡Ã80
    120 ¡¾ 2 ¨¬C quantity ageing addition, 2.0% ( percent by quality) ¡Ã75

    2. Application scope and method
    This product mainly apply to All kinds of drilling liquid exporting oil and gas, and geophysical survey, in order to fall the stick of the system ,and improve the quality of mud pie and fall the water loss in the filtering process ,which have the function of stabling the well wall.
    It¡¯s applying to freshwater drilling fluid, saltwater drilling fluid, high calcium drilling fluid and high solid drilling fluid.
    According to the need of using drilling fluid progress, add our product and pump even then operate.

    3. Package deposit transport
    Packed with plastic bag whose net weight is 25KG/bag then every three bag put into paper-plastic bag.
    Notice to be against breakage, bite by rats, leakage and wet in the process of storage.
    It is non-flammability£¬non-explosion£¬non-toxic and harmless. Transport management according to non-dangerous product