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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. One of the downers of being invested during corrections is you are naturally held back from making bold calls as much more emphasis is placed on preserving capital. Then as bottoms are probed we stick a Suntech in here or there but it's not until the 18th that we should buy any REALLY sexy names. With that date in mind let's start our
    SEXY STOCK WATCH LIST- and if you have a well researched name to add please play along.

    ELON 17.09 1.39 8.85% 338,907

    FSIN 22.26 1.02 4.80% 353,404

    QSC 5.65 0.05 0.88% 678,430

    MOVE 2.57 0.27 11.74% 825,831

  2. Geez, I thought this post was about Rebecca Gomez or one of the other lovely ladies on the Fox staff. :)
  3. I can easily go there! There is something whistful about the strawberry blond with the dutch boy haircut and British accent who pops up occasionally on cnbc... I focus in hard on her lips not that there's anything wrong with that...~ SI
  4. Ok I know I said wait till the 18th but I've done some chart work on ELON that has me nervous it may explode upwards before then.

    Buying ELON @$17 level......~ stoney
  5. I'm adding VDSI to the SEXY STOCK WATCH LIST replacing Elon.

    And I am buying General Cable in here @$75 level. Recent peak run $84....

    Can long only work in a plunging market? Yes if you balance breakouts with scooping up retraces.

    I'm a bit on the fence with VDSI because this whole recent nice chart movement has been analyst driven... however this is also one of the companies that really nothing has gone wrong to it's business plan or execution it just got taken to the wood chipper for being smalll cap.

    Anybody else like what's shaping up on VDSI?
    I've asked the Hedge Fund to run it by their analysts so stay tuned... ~ stoney
  6. Ok, the market is ready to play with us, so we can play with it and start dipping into the sexy names...

    First up QSC- Up 80 cents # 1 mover on my board...

    ELON is interesting I almost sold it yesterday but pulled back at the last minute it got a neutral ranking and a PT beneath it's price... but the stock held it may make the analyst pay on this one which would be good for us shareholders.

    FSIN today should ROAR...

    MOVE I'm iffy on more of a longer term play...

    Get to work folks. You need money, I need money, let's make some... ~ stoney
  7. You don't think this week will be rocky?
  8. Accountability folks. That's what I'm all about. I pumped up my sexy stock portfolio and checked on the names given to you all. The Russell is down for the year it's all about big cap with overseas exposure as you know, I am swimming upstream and I fully expected to be eating at least a sliver of humble pie....

    But of course it's 4 for 4 no one ever loses money with stoney except stoney... Let's keep this thread going and get some damn participation from some of the brighter and surfier minds on ET... this is a time of year when new investors will be trolling around looking at sites and indeed I've noticed some hyped planted pieces about hot stocks and that is NOT WHAT ELITE IS ABOUT, like a high class call service we aim to dine you and wine you before tying you up and doing what we want with you... we provide the research & the gut level instincts and the experience of proven market winners and then take the handcuffs off and say what is REALLY on our minds. How many hedge fund leaders secretly tap into ET? How many retired former Mutual Fund managers with the symbol $ in their moniker are out there... just what is the INVESTING level of intelligence in this " quiet " mass mind on the internet....

    Anyway lets see how those of you with an ounce of guts made out in our Sexy Stocks to be bought when the correction stopped on the 18th as laid out by cycle theory blah, blah, blah....

    ELON is surging $17 to $23 yesterday... FSIN is my new #1 top pick (forget I said that- knock on wood- hat on backwards) it's motored from $22 to $26 area and has been higher QSC is a late bloomer but you are up there too slightly ditto MOVE up but not worth bragging about.

    Let's keep the 2 winners and QSC (I still believe) Ditch MOVE and replace it with BRKR Bruker bioscience @ $13.24. This is a non enthusiastic pick I'm an old hand at Bruker owned it at $6 for years before giving up... Life Sciences is a growth field for 2008 one of the few... this stock constantly pops up on my power searches so with no new ideas today or this week.... I throw it out. Although I have no urge to own it.

    PLEASE! Let's get some play along going here folks-so a new viewer will be able to easily see what great minds hide here at ET!**** GIVE UP SOME SEXY STOCK LOVE FOR THE NEW YEAR!!!! ~ stoney