Sexuality Test

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradeOff, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. OK, as most the heterosexual guys on the forum know, the first pic is "mytwocents" (Lauren). The second pic is... well... is up to you to decide.

    Decide what?

    Decide who you would choose to end up stranded on a deserted island with.

    OK, time to cast your vote.

    #1) mytwocents

    #2) hot so cal mama
  2. A little sexual frustration there, T.O.?

    You know the saying...ask a thousand women to sleep with you, and at least one will say yes. Perhaps it's time to cut your losses short on Lauren , and go on to the other 999?
  3. stu


    Looks as if he has the other 999 ready rolled into one for him !
  4. TO.....If you have such issues with me then why are you posting my pictures? If this is your attempt at trying to 'charm' me, you're going about the wrong way...seriously

  5. I choose female #2 for several reasons.

    1. we don't know if mytwocents has a face or what is looks like.

    2. I'm guaranteed plenty of food with the companionship of #2

    3. the fat chick can't run.

    4. I'm into elbow fat folds.

    5. I'm an artist so I pick #2 in order to be original and creative.

  6. Must be my lucky day for left overs. :)
  7. Well rowenwood.....whatever floats your boat....or in this case it seems, sink
  8. Nobody knows that that picture is of you. And if it's of you, then why the blurry face? I'm guaranteed certain things with the fat female.


    fat folds in case I decide to kill myself

    free ego boosting for tough times

  9. I'd take the first one - I prefer brunettes.
  10. America is so sex crazed... Everything is about sex or race or atkins (which is really about people trying to get skinny to have sex).
    #10     Apr 19, 2004