Sex toys banned in Alabama

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  1. I am surprised! I don't think you in the USA are as free as what you are led to believe.
  2. Sex toys banned in Alabama?... Out of all places... the most lawless state in the whole damn country and they pass a law banning sex toys?. I have a better idea. How bout make a law where rapists and child molesters get 10+ years behind bars instead of 6 months?...
  3. Lets face it, they'd ban sex completely if they could. Im sure there working on it........

    I guess they'll just have to use guns and old truck parts for that purpose, instead.............If they dont already.:D
  4. Or a law banning the leaking of CIA agent's identities, or a law making no-bid contracts illegal...yada yada
    We can't really expect democracy when living in a military regime, can we
  5. BSAM


    So, let me get this straight.....
    If you drive through Alabama and you have your right hand with you, will you go to jail?
  6. You drive and masterbate at the same time? :eek:
  7. That's right. Next time you visit the States you better leave your
    Pamela Anderson look-a-like blow up doll at home...:p

    And leave your weenie masturbator pump at home too. And all that
    other stuff you have piled up in your closet...:D
  8. Since when did Canada become a military regime? You guys are so
    liberal in Canada that you think 14 year old girls are old enough
    for legal prostitution. Must not be many women up there so you have to
    to resort to hitting the youngin's... at a price.
  9. supply/demand :eek: :(
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