Sex or Money?

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  2. Why can't it be a bit of both?

    And I thought this was going to be one of the which would you have, money for me.
  3. There is something really sexy about rich guys daughters. Even if they're average looking. :cool:
  4. At least it wasn't the pool boy or even the landscaper. A little cold to trim "hedges".
  5. Huh? A NFL QB needs to do that?
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    Yeah, he had to sacrifice a lot...Poor guy...
  7. I couldn't agree more with this. Especially when they are young. I'm sure Sanchez will be fine money wise and legally.

  8. This forum section is called "Wall St. News". This is neither news nor anything to do with Wall Street.

    If you want to post irrelevant garbage, go to Chit Chat, Twitter or Facebook.
  9. Silly question, we only bother making money to get the pussy.
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    Huh? This story involves Konrad Kruger, partner at Five Mile Capital Partners and former CEO of Greenwich Capital. Yes, it is Wall Street News hence why it was posted on Wall Street News. Thanks for your concern and policing of ET.
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