Sex-on-beach Britons guilty

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dannazione, Oct 16, 2008.


    isn't sex in the public illegal in the States and in the UK too?

    plus we expect others to obey our laws when they come to our country, and we have some pretty stupid and retarded laws, why should it be different when some British slut takes a trip to another country, it's not like Britain rules the world anymore?

    how come the news is acting like this is something unusual, law is the law, as we would say to a foreigner; "you don't like it get the fuck out", the same applies to a bitch traveling to UAE or any other pathetic country in the world?
  2. and the cop giving them a warning the first time he saw them, even though he could have arrested them, goes to show how flexible they are in implementing their rules, unlike america where there are no second chances.
  3. TSA's attitude is far worse than that of almost any law enforcement in any other country, how come their crappy attitude isn't all over the media


    we suck, but we only see the wrong behavior of other countries, we don't realize that we have shittier attitudes than most of them