Sex for gas

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    Sex For Gas
    Police: Kentucky john paid prostitute with $100 fuel card

    JULY 2--A Kentucky woman is facing prostitution charges for allegedly trading sex for gasoline. Angela Eversole, 34, was nabbed last weekend during a police stakeout at a Days Inn, where she allegedly trysted with customer Kenneth Nowak. According to court records, Nowak admitted paying for Eversole's services, in part, with a $100 Speedway gas card. Eversole was hit with a prostitution rap and also charged with doing business without an occupational license. Nowak was charged with promoting prostitution. Eversole and Nowak are pictured below in mug shots snapped following their June 27 arrests. A local prosecutor noted that it was sad to see someone selling their body for gas, in this case about 25 gallons worth. (3 pages)
  2. Sex For Lube JoB
    Police: Gay john paid male prostitute with Jiffy Lube gift card.

    "Its time for a change with Jiffy Lube".

    Spokesman for Jiffy Lube was unaware of any gift card promotions as they only issued one gift card which has never been redeemed apparently following the same route as the Christmas fruitcake, "there is only one in existence and has been passed around for years during the yule season".

    A sad commentary of our time where people exchange sex with oil.
  3. True, but without oil, vaseline wouldn't exist. Then where would we be?
  4. So now we know the Zzzztroll's name:

    Kenneth Nowak. :D
  5. what a pathetic country, don't the police have anything better to do
  6. You know, this is a hell of an idea. You've got that three, four minutes waiting to get your three gallons, $25 purchase done, and there's nothing to do. In my youth, they gave out glasses, towels, silverware, washed your windshield. This is better.