Severe upcoming slowdown in Iceland! How can we profit?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Johnny Walker, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Anyone have any ideas on how to profit off an economic slowdown in Iceland. I can't find any legit forex brokers that allow trading of the ISK and my futures broker does not offer any Icelandic derivatives. I live in California so I am not familiar with Iceland's capital markets. If you want more info on this topic check out this Danske Bank economic report (attached), kind of leery how similar Iceland's economy is compared to ours. This report is a great read for you economic junkies.
  2. Have you tried IB, Oanda, and CMC Group? I don't trade forex, but people I know that trade it only trust those three.
  3. You guys are joking right. It seems to me since you live in Cali, you'd be better off investing in the Baja pennisula, not much going on there either, but hey it's in your backyard. I'm sure it has it's own Fed chairman, my advice is don't be trading the Baja Stock exchange before ,or while he's testifying before the finance commitee in the Baja Senate or House. Also be flat when the big Baja jobs report comes out on the first Friday every month.
  4. Thanks saw that as well but the site is not in english, so it does not really help. I checked legitimate forex sights and none of them had the ISK in a spread (GFTforex, onada, fxcm). I'm looking for an easier way then having to open an Icelandic stock account and going short. Just checking if anyone has any creative ideas.
  5. Sorry bud, I have been looking around for you but came up with nothing. I will check a couple other places tomorrow for you.