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  1. Gcapman


    So I work for a consulting company right now and not too happy.

    I am wondering what the normal severance package is.

    I make around $95K per year and have only been with the firm for a year. I've made a lot of contributions and have even received high praise from the Senior MD but just am not happy and will go back to trading.

    If I quit, I get no severance so I will just stick it out for the next few months.....I hate my job at this point in time.

    Any advice?
  2. Eight


    At the one year point I would not expect anything at all, maybe you can negotiate it into a layoff and get unemployment but beyond that, forget it...
  3. Gcapman


    WoW! One year and no severance.....interesting, I always assumed that severance was just hush money

    I guess I'll just work for a few more months and save up my equity for trading. I could trade and work but I want to travel and trade
  4. Why not keep your option opened? If you don't like your job, why not consider asking for a promotion or an increase in pay? $90k job is pretty good, and is probably giving you a very good lifestyle.
  5. Lucrum


    Hush money for what?

    After just one year I wouldn't expect much of anything, a couple of weeks pay, maybe. And that's if you're laid off, if you voluntarily quit, I'd expect nothing.

    My last severance was almost six months salary plus benefits and roughly $20,000 worth of training of my choice. But I had been there over 19 years.
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    How does a person go about asking for a promotion?

    Any good online sites to help me with a game plan?

  7. Depends where you live

  8. Gcapman


    minimum for decent living in NY/NJ is $150K
  9. I know a guy, who is now a VP, just walked into his boss' office and told him that he wanted a promotion. He of course had a plan and he presented how much more he could make for the company had he became the VP. His boss like the idea, so he got promoted.

    If you could make your boss' life (and yours too) easier, the chance of getting that promotion is higher.