Several hundred percent return a year?

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    Well here is another guy who is supposed to be making several hundred percent a year, anyone know anything about this guy named David LaCroix? He is supposed to be the next speaker this Cornerstone club is doing a webcast with on Oct. 23rd and I wanted to find out if anyone knew anything about him, good or bad, whether his trading methods work or is he all hot air, etc.
  2. Where do you find this club webcast on the internet and what time is it? Also what does this guy trade to make these returns, stocks, options, or futures? Plus is his style daytrading or swing trading?
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    I did not see in the email what he trades or what his time frame is but according to the email I received its supposed to be October 23rd at 7:00 PM in a voice chat room titled:
    Traders Club Webcast Oct 23rd 7 PM EST

    If you have never used PalTalk before here's the instructions they included in the email :

    ***In the Business and Finance group catagory Look for the voice chat room titled:

    Traders Club Webcast Oct 23rd 7 PM EST

    A. Go to and click on the Download button on their
    B. After that a text box will come asking you "What do you want to do
    now" and "Enter a new voice group" is already checked, so just click OK.

    to take you to the PalTalk tech support chat room to make sure your
    speakers are working are working properly.
    c. If everything checks out with speakers you can click on a box at
    bottom of this window that says "Groups"
    D. In the window that comes up, scroll down the group selections list to the 3rd catagory from the bottom called "Business and Finance"
    E. Look for the chat room called

    Traders Club Webcast Oct 23rd 7 PM EST

    and click on it to join the chat.

    This chat room will not be there until a half hour before the chat that is to start at 7:00 PM. So you can show up 30 minutes early (6:30 PM Eastern Time)if you want to try the chat to make sure you know how to use it.
  4. Yeah, yeah another guy making several hundred percent return who wants to share his wealth of knowledge with the public.
    I know there are guys who do well at trading but you always have to wonder why these people who actually claim these types of returns in the hundreds of percent returns would be selling products or services ( I am assuming he is selling something, maybe he isn't, maybe he is doing this presentation with no incentives, but I doubt it). Hopefully whatever he presents will not be all fluff and you might be able to glean something of value
    from what he has to say, because although I'm skeptical of many these people who make such high returns sharing this knowledge with the public, you never know maybe he is doing what he claims and maybe he can convey his methods in a concise way during a presentation like this. Sometimes you can pick up some nice nuggets of information from guys who are actually making money trading if they are the real thing. That's the big IF though, its impossible to know who is for real and who is not in this industry with some many hypsters who are all theory and no practical application. I would be interested in seeing what he has to say as long as it's not going to be just an informercial with no content of any real value. Curious, what is this guy supposed to be teaching on that evening anyway?
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    Several hundred percent a year? Just did the math and a consistent 200% a year would turn a $100K account into more than $100 million in about 10 yrs. That's serious, serious compounding. I'm sure it's possible, but I strongly doubt anyone capable of doing it would be the slightest bit interested in sharing his strategies with the general public. Then again, it does get people's attention. :)
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    This is something that really bothers me. has so many big names on there and they are all giving away their "secrets". Linda Bradford Raschke supposedly did the same thing in her book, "Street Smarts." The only reason somebody would do this is because the method doesn't work or there is a key element left out. Try following LBR's methods or Dave Landry's method mechanically and you'll go broke.
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    I caught what I could on that seminar. It sounds like the guy charges an extreme amount of money and I mean extreme.
  8. I have to agree, those tradingmarkets guys are great. That's why I read it, every month I get a few tidbits, but nothing major ever. I think they hold back the final component of their trades a lot of the time. Then again, look at someone like gary b smith from the He doesn't mind giving everyone every detail cause even in his own words, he believes that no one can trade his strategy as well as he does, so therefore,it will still work, cause most people won't have the discipline to keep up with it. Then again while being a great teacher, and a rather nice guy, gary has only averaged like 40% annually.
    Using my own example, I'm up almost 200% now this year from playing GNP almost exclusively. I'm even willing to post in real time my current GNP positions, but I try to be somewhat hidden about my reasons for the trade, or what made me buy at that time. I feel that those are the things that let me play it better than most other people. Finally, I refuse to even discuss this new ratio I have devised, as I see it to be the tool I've needeed for a while to determine the odds of a play working, and the bounceback potential of the trade. However, I'm still willing to tell people when I got into the trade, and risk someone discovering how this ratio works. I'm also quite willing if the time permits to analyze someone else's trade too, but I can't divulge how to compute the ratio.
    I feel that a lot of the tradingmarkets guys think similarly. They'll tell you what they're trading, and kinda how they trade it, but they won't give you that last piece that pulls it all together for you to see the fullest picture. Still, I think that tradingmarkets is invaluable, as anything you can learn from watching the gods of trading is worth any ammount of money.
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    a remark...
    not all trading profits are compounded. I mean, there are methods generating a lot of money, but you can't increase size with time otherwise performance decreases (backtesting usually tells you that in front).
    therefore I often read 200% or 500% per year is not possible year after year. Yes it is.
    what is hardly possible is to compound the results and keep up with the profit ratio and total performance.
    I say that because in futures high performance is easier than elsewhere thanks to leverage. but it does not mean you can compound profits and build half a billion dollars in 10 years or something ! :eek:

    this is the difference between income trading and investment like trading. with income trading you take out the profits, live from them and put the excess in long term accounts. this is why the profit % can remain high without killing your game.

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    That's a good distinction you made tntneo. Nevertheless, a 200% annual profit is the exact same as tripling your starting account size in a year, and that's no small feat. Particularly if you can do it year in and year out (even allowing for removal of profits at the end of year and starting fresh). BTW, congrats P2 for hitting the 200% mark since it's not even the end of October -- especially given your account size, that's mighty fine trading.
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