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  1. Anyone knows Seven Sages Capital ? How did they attract investors from 3M to 100M? Who introduce fund for them? Who is their prime broker and introducing broker?
  2. How do you get 100 million? it states right on their site they are under 100 million. surf
  3. Starting 3M 3 years ago. From Barclay hedge fund database

    Trading Method/Strategy
    Primary Sector: Equity Long/Short

    The Fund employs a long-short activist strategy with primary investment concentration on global publicly traded equities. The Fund utilizes a disciplined approach to long-short strategy and robust risk management. The fund invests across various sectors and geographies. SSC strives for preservation of capital, safety of principal and generating the best risk-adjusted returns possible in the financial markets. With a long-term view in various asset classes, we initiate positions when the markets are momentarily diverted from established valuation trends.

    Other Performance Measures

    Year Annual Returns FUM $

    2012 YTD 92.73% $ 100.26 M
    2011 189.18% $ 37.02 M
    2010 288.06% $ 3.68 M

    Administrative Information
    Start Date Jan 2010
    Last Reported ROR Dec 2012
    Minimum Investment $ 100 K
    Management Fee 2.00%
    Incentive Fee 20.00%
    Lock up 365 days

    Performance Analysis
    Correlation Analysis

    Total Return 2062.81%
    Compound Annual Return 178.61%
    Average Monthly Return 9.17%
    Worst Drawdown -5.66 %
    Monthly Standard Deviation 7.66
    Sharpe Ratio 6.73
    Alpha vs S&P 500 9.27
    Beta vs S&P 500 -0.10
    R2 vs S&P 500 0.00
    Up Capture vs S&P 500 2.61
    Down Capture vs S&P 500 -2.47
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    BarclayHedge (and probably Bloomberg) is entirely self reported information. Almost all of these databases are. They do zero checking of, well, anything. I know this since I report to them as well.
  6. Thanks for sharing and interesting to know this. You are really putting a legitimacy question on them.
  7. Sholdn't the number be audited in any hedge fund?
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    No, not really. Audits must legally be conducted/shared for all partners in a limited partnership.... And legally you can't conduct fraud. But beyond that, anything goes from a legal point of view. Numbers in these databases can be pure fantasy. (And of course, audits are also frequently faked.... People literally take audit reports and white-out numbers before sending them on.)

    Always ask yourself whether the information you're seeing can be legally verified, if they are regulated by US authorities, etc, etc.
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