Setups that I found on ET that have made me a consistently profitable trader

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  1. pittbulltrader and browsnfan you go first since this is your proposition to all traders

    The rules of this thread require you to post your trading statements for a month or two and backtesting data to validate that your setup has a statistical edge and high probability of success.

    Let's get this thread a rocking and rolling!
  2. and the incentive for doing so is....


    ET is great for amusement purposes, ie see your threads.

    Once again mr. trading zoo spammer, let's see your statements showing how great the zoo is since you have no problem spamming for them.

    You are a joke just like the shit company you spam for.

  4. Great question to ask pittbulltrader and brownsfan019. They submit this forum is loaded with great trading ideas that can make money and the best part is it's all free, therefore there is no need for traders to spend money on a professional mentor. All they have to do is surf this forum, find the right setups and viola, the profits will flow in.

    So, why not make it easy for ET members and have a thread that consolidates all that great wisdom and real edge setups for easy reference.
  5. Because all you need to do is read the threads for different ideas, work on them to adapt them to yout own trading style and simply develop your own approach and methods.
  6. Caught with your pants down again brownose. You preached that these forums were loaded with great trading ideas for FREE and now you run from that remark. No surprise here. You should see what he does over at TL. He thinks he's a real hotshot over there preaching to traders about his candle setups and brags when he finally hits one right "in realtime." lol reminds me of fishing tales. Talk about spamming, let's see here, you've posted exactly 1380 times on ET. Damn, you are a prolific poster. I'm sure all the newbies really appreciate your insight on TL--a regurgitation of Steve Nisson's groundbreaking book on Candlesticks with no credit to the author.

    Carry on hotshot trader.
  7. Terrific. Then this thread will be the clearinghouse for those ideas. Not just any old idea mind you, but ones that really work and traders can demonstrate to others the valididty to cut the vast trading learning curve of trial and error, hit and miss.

    What a great idea for the trading community. This should be the hottest thread on ET.

    brownose, please post one of those ideas you had on TL here for the benefit of the community. Don't be stingy with that horde of great knowledge you have in that football shaped brain.

    You, too, pittbulltrader--aka BruceM, moderator of mypivots.
  8. Again.... the incentive is?

    You are saying that people should go out of their way to reduce a lazy person's learning curve and go through all the time and effort of usually ET snipping? Again, a person just has to show some initiative and read the threads to get some basic ideas.

    And then add one or two good books and you are good to go!
  9. Easy as 1-2-3, right?

    No wonder over 90% of traders lose. They're just to damn lazy to scrub these threads for those diamonds in the rough and read a few trading books. Now it all makes sense.:D
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