Setting up an LCC - but where?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by HomelyWizzard, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. I am in No. Ca and planning to stay for a while. I am in the process of setting up an LCC but I am torn between a Nevada LCC versus a CA one.
    I know that I still would pay the $800/year mandatory CA shakedown tax while I reside here but I like to know if the Nevada LCC has some advantage.
  2. What is an LCC?

    Do you mean LLC? If so, I suggest Delaware. Make sure
    you order the California Foreign Authority at the same time
    you order the LLC.
  3. yes, of course I meant LLC. What is the advantage of Delaware? Isn''t that more expensive to run as I have no office or agent there?
  4. Delaware law is very friendly to corporations. It's going to be more expensive because you'll pay fees to both DE and CA. The CA ones are quite high.
  5. I think it is obvious that out of state (even if I do it in NV) say Reno, would be more expensive as I need an "agent" in each and every state I do business. What specifically would I gain in DE, aside the fact that it is very "friendly". And I know that from my previous incorporation (a C Corp) also in CA. I Bought a book, consulted experts etc and everyone say DE, but impractically for a small guy and LLC what would be the tangible difference? I am sure for a fortune 500 (or even smaller) there are several tangible differences.
  6. Thanks a million for that link. Actually I knew that in Nevada I would save nothing on taxes, but in case I wish to leave the US and travel extensively Nevada has cheap corporate office setups where I can be here and not be here, you know what I mean? I am sure that the same services are available in CA as well....but it seems that the best would be to leave CA (which sadly I cannot do at this time) and incorporate in NV with a residence there as well.....