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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Lon Eagle, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. I am based in the UK and to date all my trading has been through UK based LLCs.

    For various reasons I am thinking of setting up one based in the States. I will need to speak to an accountant if I do but want to get an idea first.

    Can someone just advise me what rate of tax US companies pay?
    Is it the same throught the US or does it depend upon what State it is set up in?
    Are any other taxes due?
    Why do some States like Delaware seem more popular than others or is that my misconception?

    Many thanks
  2. Why dont u open somewhere in BVI
  3. Daal


    give up on the US. taxes too high. try a tax heaven
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    i am not sure what you're trying to accomplish or what are the requirements but since you mention the three letter word **tax**, i am inclined to comment on the panama foundation alternative. it is quite simple to set up and allows to own any kind of asset such as securities or offshore corporations while avoiding taxation.
  5. NYSE stock exchange corporations use Delaware because it does not charge a big fee for corporations that have 100's of millions of shares issued - other States do charge based on this factor. Delaware also has some privacy protection.

    The total tax rate for corporations depends on the State registered in and the States where the activity (if any) is done.

    There's other types of businesses in the USA which pay little of no tax, rather the shareholders themselves pay the taxes on behalf of the business.