Setting up a US Bank account through a Nevada Corporation

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Daal, May 16, 2006.

  1. Daal


    I'm interested on doing this. Does anyone ever used the service on the site ?
    I'm not sure their any good so I'm skeptical
    Any info would be appreciated
  2. Daal


    I'm looking for a service for non-us citizens and non resident.
  3. Reading between the lines here, I'm guessing that the reason you don't walk into the bank and open the account for your NV corporation yourself is because you are never in NV?? If so, then this smells like you may be about to fall for some tax evasion ploy as usually peddled to residents of CA, or some asset protection "secrecy" ploy as peddled on radio shows. I did not check the link you gave and I'd bet that those guys are the exception to the rule of scams I am referring to.

    To give you an idea for the cost to form a NV LLC including Certified Copy of Articles - a client of mine did one last week for direct costs of $439 including a fee for registered agent, because he too was outside of NV (but for legitimate reasons, not to scam CA out of income taxes until getting caught).

    Generally NV entities are great for people who reside in NV. But for active traders they are generally a waste of time and money if you live outside of NV. Also the IRS smalls a rat when you use a NV entity and you have no business being in NV. I'll grant you one slight exemption for a multiple entity set-up where one entity is always within NV and has no nexus outside of NV.

    Okay this might be legitimate. If YOU are the non-resident then NV is an excellent choice for YOUR OWN entity. But if you as an USA citizen/resident are the "trader/manager" of the funds coming in from out of the USA, then consider sticking with your home resident state, where you have nexus.
  4. These guys appear to be good too. I have spoken with them a couple of times. They were honest enough to tell me that I would be better off in my home state.
  5. Then call the Nevada Secretary of State and request that corporate formation docs be sent to you. Then get a Nevada business license. Then choose a bank in the state. Then send them money. Then if you wish get a Credit Card on the account.

    It’s ridiculously simple.

    But the question is: what are you trying to accomplish?

    If you’re attempting to establish residency in the State then call Ashley Quinn. However, if you're a non-US resident then you've got other hurdles to jump first. If you’re just trying to get a Nevada Corporate bank account then the above should suffice.

    Whatever your mission is I would strongly advise you to obtain competent counsel. Lay off the shyster websites.

    Good Luck

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    I called the Nevada Secretary of State. But they werent able to tell me which form a non-us person need to use. There a lots of them, so im a little lost, im not even sure if I should choose llc or jsut a corp. I'm not trying to establish residency there. I dont even got a visa. I just need a US bank account so I can keep my funds there instead of sites like PayPal, neteller, etc. A credit and debit card would be needed too. Do you have any idea of a site that can assit me on this process?

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    Just some simple questions
    1)Does my corporation does have to do something?I just need the bank account but it might be illegal to do nothing with the corp, so I might have to create some 'asset management' company
    2)Do I have to own real state in nevada?(I assume no)
    3)Does the person have full access to the bank account?(being a non-us citizen and all)
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    I agree with Dr. Z

    Exactly what are you trying to accomplish?

    If you are a non citizen/resident. Delaware is superior to Nevada for asset protection. But that is another story.

    If you are a U.S citizen, move to another state, or expatriate.

    There is only one way I know of to live in the US, with your family remaining citizens and you paying no tax whatsoever in any state you choose to live.

    Otherwise, you pay. Believe it. Tax dodgers are treated worse than Moussaoui. Go figure.

    If Sonny Capps pays 4% on 13 million, you're going to pay too.
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    Not trying to dogde taxes. As I said I'm a non-us citizen who needs a US bank account. Banks in brazil are terrible and I currently have all my funds on a webservice like PayPal, not really safe to keep money there. So I need to send them to a bank. Opening a regular US bank account is very hard. I tried with Everbank but no luck. I dont want to create one on a tax heaven or supicious countries because I WILL declare where the funds are and saying I got money in Jersey will surely get me audited and give all kinds of headaches. So I will follow a suggestion and setup a Nevada corp so I can get the US bank account, thats all there is to it. I dont even have a visa to go the us, I just plan to set up the bank account and use it
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