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    I am not sure this is the best forum for this question, but I figured I would give it a try.

    I have a custom system/application that involves communication between two machines across the internet via a socket. Normally, I have complete control over the networks at both endpoints. I can set up the networks at either end to forward the correct ports to the correct machines so that this socket connection works.

    Now suppose I want to travel and I am in a hotel offering internet access. What I would like to do is set up a socket between my laptop at the hotel and one of the endpoint machines talked about in the previous paragraph. However, I have no control over the network at the hotel. I can send packets from the hotel to the other machine, but all packets sent from the external machine back into the hotel get blocked.

    I know that the hotel must leave some ports open for two-way communication, such as port 80 for web browsing. It seems like there has to be a way to con the hotel network into allowing these incoming packets to get back to my laptop.

    I have tried doing searches on this topic but I can't quite find what I am looking for on Google or I don't know the keywords I should be searching for.

    If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this type of situation I would be grateful if you could provide advice or even a link somewhere to get me started.
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    if you can do what you want it to do then doesn't it mean the hotel would have to turn off its firewall?
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    Right. Are there ways to get around firewalls at hotels without asking them to turn the firewall off (which they won't)?

    The only reason I am hopeful is because when you are web browsing you are sending out requests through (probably) port 80 at the hotel and you are receiving back replies somehow. Is there a way I can piggyback that?
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    Thank you - "HTTP tunnel" was the hint I needed. I think I am going to try some Gnu licensed software first:
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    I would use SSH.
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    Thanks. Did a little more research and came up with this link:

    So SSH inside of httptunnel.