Setting up a Roth retirement account to trade

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    After months of obtaining contradictory advice and suggestions by various 'professionals' I believe I finally have the answer to this dilemma...since daytrading brokers only offer SEP IRAs and Roth IRAs, how do you go about setting up a Roth solo K account for trading? Apparently the answer is that you set up a solo K account as a trust. You are the trustee, as opposed to when you open a retirement account with Fidelity for example, Fidelity would be the trustee.

    The initial suggestion I had been given was to open a Roth solo K with Fidelity or some other outfit, then convert that account to a Roth IRA, then rollover that Roth IRA into your daytrading broker. I think this is doable, but I couldn't even get the IRS to tell me whether converting from a solo K to IRA is legal. (There has to be a 'triggering event' such as turning 59 1/2, loss of employment, etc. to get funds out of a qualified plan). The issue is, can you arbitrarily close a qualified plan whenever you want to? Is that in itself considered a 'triggering event'? I got plenty of people telling me yes, and just as many telling me no.
  2. There are these people called "CPAs".

    They know all about such things.

    Seek one out.
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    That's how I got the wrong idea in the first place. Probably would have gotten the right answer sooner if I hadn't.
  4. Futures trading requires a company such as (your broker will know this)

    you cannot be your own trustor in futures trading.
  5. There's a reason this is difficult to do.
  6. You can get a brokerage account with a just has to be in your plan document. The only contribution money that can be put in the roth account is the deferral money, not the profit sharing component.


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    I've not heard this. Can you tell me where you got this information? Thx
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