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    I have gone through all of the information regarding CPOs on the NFA website. I was hoping someone could post a link of a site where the information is a little bit more easier to understand.

    What would be great is a "how to" on setting up a CPO or CTA.

    Thanks in advance!
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    go to the NFA site. Its called "the guide to CTA's and CPO's"
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    Here it is:
  4. qtip


    Thanks so much!

    I have gone through this information. I was just hoping to find more information on the running one maybe with some case studies of other CPOs.

    I know, maybe it is too much to ask:)
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  6. PM me if you want more info.

    In my opinion CTA is a better structure than CPO.
  7. qtip


    My big issue is that I need a mininum investment in order to run the system, however I do not want to exclude investors because of this minininum. My thinking is a CPO so I can pool the money together.
  8. dabao91


    In my opinion CTA is a better structure than CPO.

    Why you feel that way? Can you advise us? Thanks.
  9. JA_LDP


    Can you explain? I'm curious too. Thanks.
  10. rwk


    CME ( put out a free booklet in the mid-90's entitled, "How to Become a CTA". They may still have some copies available. The info is dated, but you might get some useful tips.

    CPO accounting can be pretty complex (and expensive). CTAs are allowed to combine trades for multiple accounts for execution purposes provided that their procedure for allocating those trades to client accounts is fair and acceptable to the NFA.
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