Seth Tobias RIP

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  1. Seth Tobias, founder and president of Circle T Partners, died yesterday at the age of 44. An untimely passing and a reminder that tomorrow is promised to no one.
  2. any details? 44 is pretty young.
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    Do you have a link? I can't find any articles about this.
  4. If this isn't true, I would highly suggest the moderators record the IP address of this guy.
  5. I haven't heard anything about it nor is there a link. This would be pretty big news in the investment community so I'm doubting its validity.
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    Cramer mentioned it on his show and cut to break because he was becoming emotional. Dead at 44 years old.
  7. terrible--- the guy lived the next town over from me in Gladwyne, PA and was best friends with a close friend of mine a long time ago in high school. i have lost touch with my friend and have no idea if this is true. a true tragedy....

  8. Did a little goolge search and found a WSJ news reports with his quote in Today.

  9. the plot thickens...
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