Seth Tobias--- DEATH story tonight CNBC 9pm EST

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  1. Seth Tobias Death story tonight at 9PM CNBC.

  2. they get you coming and they get you going.

  3. BRUTAL.

  4. Big Money gets to the best of us.
    I saw that in a frat brother who made it big (he was somewhat lucky). He no longer ressembles his former "self".
  5. Not to be jaded or unduly cynical, but just when did his death warrant a dedicated program?

    I'm seriously asking.

    Almost any death is unfortunate, and this is especially true of younger people, but still...
  6. I had a pet hamster named Ernie who died very young and me and all of my friends buried him in my backyard and had a 21 gun salute (with BB guns)and everything for little Ernie.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is..well...

    let me get back to u on that.
  7. very sorry? Let me guess. Shoebox? Cross on grave?
  8. Shoe box with a whole roll of my Dad's masking tape to seal him in eternity complete with popsicle stick grave marker with "Ernie R.I.P. "on it.

    BTW-my Dad kicked my ass when he found out about me using all his masking tape.
  9. ew
  10. Saw the show tonight - moral of the story, stay the hell away from BILLY!!! :D
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