Setback for monoline rescue

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  1. Leading private equity firms are unlikely to participate in any recapitalisation of Ambac and MBIA, increasing the pressure on banks to come up with a rescue package for the troubled US bond insurers.

    A number of firms, including Bain Capital, Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts and TPG, have looked at investing in the cash-strapped groups, which guarantee the value of everything from municipal bonds to the most complicated mortgage securities. These investors have all concluded that the risks are far too great, according to people familiar with their thinking.
  2. I thought this thread would be about Las Vegas' troubled Monorail project.
  3. I quite liked the monorail lat time I was in Vegas as it went past the Wynn and you could NEVER see anyone playing on the golf course even though it looked real nice
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    Generally what happens in market busts is that solutions are announced but they actually don't follow through. Quite often these solutions are announced at critical market junctures, just as rate cuts are. Of course saying this smakes mne a conspiracist but actually I really could't care les what naive propaganda swallowers think.
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    The only investors that will go into these guys are the Arabs ...

    Why, they have the money, USA and UK banks dont.

    Terms will be

    - 14% plus dividend.
    - USA Govt back cover on the funds.

    or they will do a Buffet, and set there own business model up and let these bunnies go bust !!!