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    Hi, I'm helping a friend to select a data system. This is for light/moderate trading, mostly commodities and equity index.

    The broker is IB. He is happy with it and will stay with it. Of course, the TWS is not adequate enough. He will continue to use IB for order and portfolio management, until he grows beyond the TWS.

    At this time, he mainly needs a data system, that will provide:

    1. Real-time markets; intra-day included;
    2. Charting, including most technical analysis;
    3. News feed;
    4. Excel add-in, like DDE.

    He has a lot of experience with eSignal Futuresource workstation, and some ProphetX some years ago.

    Since ProphetX and Futuresource workstation do almost the same and ProphetX is cheaper, he likes ProphetX better. But he also heard about NinjaTrader and Tradestation. Both he and I have not used them before. So I seek opinion on what is best for him.

    What the IB customers use to set up the trading system? You get real-time data with TWS, but can that drive the NinjaTrader? It appears Ninja Trader supports IB.

  2. Hello RedSun,

    i think you need to try PT Multistation there is table in which you can cpmpare the abilities of supported brokers and data vendors. IB is also supported.

    so, if your friend trades with IB, he can use PTM and choose the data feed from the table (for ex. iqfeed) and use them both whitin pt multistation.

  3. RedSun


    Can anyone tell me how to set up NT to work with IB? Some people mentioned it, but I still can't figure out. Thanks.
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    You might want to take a look at eSignal, which integrates with IB (for trading and to take advantage of the CME fee-waiver). We carry most of the same content from our Workstation product and we do offer a 30 day trial since it's a different product.

    Here's a quick link for our sales team.