Set maximum margin in TWS for NQ

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 88888888, May 6, 2008.

  1. For NQ, assuming the over night initial performance bond is $3750, further assuming that the NQ value is 1984 with factor of 20. One NQ contact is $1984 * 20 =$39680.

    I can potentially use $3740 to buy one NQ contract. This represents about $39680/$3750 = 10 time margin.

    Assuming my trading only use 2:1 margin, but since it allows me to go to maximum 10:1 (see above calculation), I worry when I use TWS, even I want to enter order to have 2:1 margin, but through typing mistake it becomes 10:1 margin. This is BIG mistake.

    In TWS, is there any way I can configure it in such that the “margin” can not go more than said 3:1 (or 4:1, etc), so that I will never go to 10:1 by mistake?

    Please advise me if that can be done or not.