Set extensions?

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    You can create more of that squared off top look for a picture by fiddling around with the pose itself. There are certain ways to lean slightly back and position your shoulders in a way that increases the look you're talking about quite a bit.
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  2. Yeah posture is major, but I am more referring to the built up part to make the shirts hang on the shoulders with more muscle (not like the pic I cannot get that big). My upper frame is coming in but noticing the imbalance in the middle delts. Lats are coming in but I still need to drop another 10 lbs. off to narrow the middle haha.
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  3. Any thoughts on this stuff?
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    I haven't read it yet. I'll comment in a bit.
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  5. This just in: After today's workout, I decided I am going to only do one drop set for pull-ups and parallel bar dips, rather than two. It started out okay when I began doing 2 drop sets about a month ago, but I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that I had more difficulty getting my last rep on the first and heaviest set. Today, I lost a full rep on each of the 2 exercises on the first set. So it was not likely an anomaly, but rather it appears I slowly got progressively weaker. Which suggests to me that I didn't properly recover since the previous workout. So since I don't wish to compromise on maximum intensity, my choices are either to reduce the volume or increase the rest period. Since I'm already working out quite infrequently, I decided to drop one drop set. Film at 11.
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    I hear you but sometimes a reduction in performance like that can be a result of insufficient carb intake since your last workout. That doesn't mean you didn't take in carbs at all, it just means that you didn't take in enough carbs to fully replenish your glycogen stores from the workout before. As an experiment for your next workout, load up on carbs the day before the workout and then report back how your strength was when you hit the iron the following day.
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  7. I appreciate the input. While that's possible, I don't think so. As I mentioned, it was only when I started doing 2 drop sets for the two exercises that my strength started to wane slightly on those exercises a few weeks later. Also, I'm not a low-carb adherent. I like my carbs. And while I'm more circumspect about them now than I was in the past, both in terms of quality and quantity, no one would mistake my diet for keto. And, finally, my diet is pretty much the same for each day of the week. That's not to say that I eat the same thing every day, but I eat virtually the same thing every Monday, the same thing every Tuesday and so on. So, for the most part, my diet is a constant, and my lifting day is the same day of the week barring unforeseen circumstances. That's why I arrived at my conclusion regarding the drop sets.
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    Ok :thumbsup:
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  9. I know it doesn't seem like much, I mean, what's an extra drop set or two for a couple of exercises, right? But because I don't do may exercises and don't work out too often, I try to make every set epic; a do-or-die kind of thing. And while I had always gone to positive failure in the past, even not too long ago when I was doing more volume, it was not quite like what I do now. So I guess the incremental effort past simple positive failure (going to static and holding for a few seconds before finishing with a very slow negative) is disproportionately taxing. At least for me.
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  10. Prison life is very regimented :D
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