Servicing multi-asset class hedgie

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by 2cents, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    Any house out there deploying Reuters3000 + Kondor+ type packages to high frequency size traders / quants / managers? Or equivalent package perhaps, eg FNX AspenHedge base or other?...
  2. if you trade big enough size, any of the major houses (I Banks) will provide you with support for ANY software platform along with super-low latency exchange connections for true high frequency trading. i know Morgan Stanley is very big in this space.
  3. i agree and notably re MS... do you use any of those environments though? say you are a huge FoF with portfolio managers trading all sorts of asset classes on markets or OTC anywhere, using all manners of trading styles and strategies... which of the above "environments" wld be preferable ("popular"?) as your main "offering" to prospective managers would you say?
  4. Think I must be misreading your question but let me say upfront that i do not use any software like this - my trading is not high frequency enough to warrant it.

    Your question reads to me like you think a FoF offers trading environments to it's portfolio managers, which generally it does not. It is up to individual HFs and their prime brokers to sort out the logistical parts of operations. The FoF will then provide funding and sometimes their own layer of hedging and / or leverage. Sorry if I have not read you correctly.

    In any case, i'm afraid i am not in a good position to advise you wrt individual trading environments as I have no direct experience.

    good luck
  5. Rhino, you are correct all the way, agree we don't "need" to... its just that i want to be able to offer a top shelf & prime broker "independent" environment, for those traders who need one, and trust me, there are. At the same time it must be an environment / ATS etc that most reputed prime brokers have an API with... and in the end, chances are we will only get it at a reasonable cost per screen if its via a prime broker type relationship... but who knows, maybe not...

    i just want to ensure we go for the best possible stuff, always...