Service Providers for Matlab Datafeed toolbox

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  1. Hi,

    Matlab's datafeed toolbox coupled with a service provider looks like a great way to download data for backtesting. But, I've heard that the subscriptions are prohibitive for individual traders. I've looked at a few of the links and none of the providers will post their prices on-line (that's a bad sign right there :( ). Has anyone researched these and posted some type of comparison (price, data available, service, etc. ) on-line? It would be a big help for me. I currently use Interactive Brokers and if they have some way to get at these resources for a reduced fee that would be good to know as well. I'm interested in all markets - stock, futures, forex, etc. - US and worldwide.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I know there is a service that lets you combine Matlab with IB.

    However, I haven't tried it. In fact I'm looking for the answer to that myself i.e. how to get data in to Matlab using the datafeed toolbox.
  3. what is your platform? Sterling?
    and if with IB, have you found any tools networking through their technical support or other traders here yet?
    pm me if not, or want to discuss further.
    i'm going to finance a matlab project this month.

  4. DGunz


    Try to couple it with esignal. That is on the list as well.