Service Pack 3 for XP

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  1. Downloaded it to my wife's laptop last night..
    and the whole fuckin thing crashed..
    total disaster...
    No explanation for it..
    Cept maybe Microsoft needs to sell more product...
  2. Does the laptop have an AMD CPU? Known issue about those..
  3. spidey


    I put it on 2 Intel based desktops, no problems.
  4. No probs whatsoever here...

    3 desktops + 2 laptops. All Intel inside. All running XPpro. 1 desktop is old, maxed out with a Celeron 966 and 768mg ram.

  5. 2 laptops and 1 desktop running XP Home. (All Intel, I don't trust AMD's crap)

    Went smooth like butter.
  6. yup..Intel Celeron..
    It's an older laptop (2+ years)
    but that shouldn't be an issue..
    Never HAD an issue with the laptop before (Toshiba Satellite)..
    but this is just strange..
  7. Laptops are notorious for requiring bios updates as OS's change (and/or get updated). Toshiba's site is the place to go. Same sort of thing happened when SP2 came out.

  8. taodr


    No problem on AMD and Intel core 2 machines here. Desktops.
  9. If one keeps up with Microsoft security updates, patches, etc. does SP3 provide a reward that justifies the risk (relative to SP2)?
  10. It hosed my 3 year old Dell with single Pent 4, had to do an XP repair. On my newer Dell with dual AMD it works fine, it's slightly faster but the CPU runs a few Celsius higher

    It's been 1 1/2 years on XP installs and I know I need a fresh re-install. I guess it's time to figure out how to use Acronis.
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