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  1. Anyone have a recommendation of a service that stands out to quite consistantly identify the direction of the market?
  2. Your joking right? Tell me your joking..
  3. vectorvest claims to be pretty good at long term market calls ...

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    Surely he must be. If not then it is real sad.

  5. Me. But there are two caveats:

    1) You cannot afford my services.
    2) The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies. If you trade off this information you will change the market. The more you trade off this information, the more inaccurate the information will become.

    Because of caveat number 2, I am generally unwilling to share the information unless I am out of the market, and only then to very few. It's not very useful if it's not accurate.
  6. imo, a truly good service should charge a reasonable fee per signal for each request of service.

    At each time, a client would be required first to submit his own directional signal upon a request (limited number per month) request of service.

    If the service for a particular month has produced a winning rate below a pre-determined % for the trading timeframe selected by the client, either the next month should be free of charge or the losing month should have the paid-fees refunded. :)
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    I find the market generally tends to go one way or the other, except of course on those days when it doesn't.

  8. With a reasonable number of clients I suspect you could profit from that by just rolling the dice. Its a little like the spam predictions where you must get a percentage or wins ... only applied after the fact to make you appear "more honest."

    Edit: I mean oddtraders strategy
  9. Smart Kiwi, you're probably right.

    However, seriously the long-term viability and goodwill of a high-quality service business would depend on how many satisfactory customers the business can keep/ increase in the long run.
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    Is this another one of you alias people (with 45 handles) asking odd questions just to get a rise out of the rest of us??
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