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  1. I currently have NT8 and trade primarily ES but also trade NQ and soon YM along with Interest rates. I have looked at servers in Chicago with pings of 1ms and is wondering how running my software locally compared to server based. I am running NT8 off of my laptop but would prefer to use it for work and uni, but I do like the idea of being able to pull up the server from anywhere to place trades and remain flexible while having low pings. At the same time I would like to purchase a designated trading computer with a multi monitor setup 3+ screens.

    What are the pros and cons of each?
    What would you suggest?
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    Probably depends on what kind of trading you do. If your strat is some sort of HFT that requires a super-fast ping time, the CoLo computers at brokerages near exchange would be best bet.

    I know AMP offers this service for a fairly low rate, and I am sure there are many other FCMs that do as well with lesser or greater levels of value-added-service if you need it. Just have to dig around, find what will fulfill your needs.
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    If your methods are discretionary then why does the latency matter at all to you, 1ms vs 30ms doesn't really make a difference especially since your reaction times are much much worse.

    You do realize that when you remote into your cloud then latency between you and the cloud is still a factor and makes no difference, it's the same as if you were trading from your home PC to NT, probably even slower due to the extra leg.

    If it's automated, you don't need 3 screens and most probably everything should be in the cloud, preferably somewhere near the broker. But if it's not latency sensitive then assuming you have a solid fixed line connection (DSL or fiber, no LTE, no wi-fi), it could work. Probably best to have a fallback connection even then - when fixed line drops, connect to 3G/LTE automatically.
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    Go for a provider with a microwave capability. This way, you can submit your trades with good latency AND get your ramen ready for lunch!
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    With microwave, you can have more than ramen for lunch. Any microwaveable food is game
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    To have something proper, you need a colocated wife, though.
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  7. Over wifi on a public network this is my ping to Chicago. I am normally on my own private network running Cat6 cables with wifi disabled and have a ping around 20-30ms.

    How does ping affect order fills?
    One aspect to look at it the hardware... what are the specs/hardware on your trading computer?
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    If I were running a latency-sensitive automated strategy I'd want to do everything possible to minimize reaction time, including using a co-located dedicated box (as opposed to virtual/cloud-based where system resources are shared with others) with ultra-lightweight custom software. Latency can also vary widely between different data feeds and broker connections.

    If you're executing the system manually then none of this is really relevant.
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    I was wandering what would be faster for manual trading - running locally vs. RDP to a co-located server? Assume all else is equal. In other words, is RDP faster than your home platform communicating with broker's server? Did anyone try running side by side? I understand there are other pros to Colo, but as far as speed (GUI and keyboard) is concerned?
  10. I was looking at performance desktops and came across one the has i7-8700 quad core, 16 GB of expandable RAM, 1TB hard drive and 256GB SSD, my main concern in graphic cards: I have one option of a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB but should I opt to pay extra for a GTX 1070 8GB?
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