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  1. Any Tradestation users here using dedicated or VPS server hosting?

    It appears most of the server hosting vendors only offer Windows 2003 server OS. As far as I know TS will only run on XP oe Vista.

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    Operating Systems See: TradeStation

    Windows® XP SP2 32-bit
    Windows® XP SP2 64-bit
    Windows Vista®
    Windows Vista® 64-bit
  2. Get a decent hoster.

    A hoster still offering 2003 server is an idiot - not more, not less. SPLA (the hoster licensing) switched to 2008 about a year about.

    2008 server can be made compatible easily (it basically IS the same, just add some features).

    You should not have problems running TS on 2008 server.

    And stay away from any hoster still offering 2003. If they are too stupdi to upgrade their offer by now, they are too stupid to be trusted with a trading system.
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    Any VPS or dedicated Windows based server will, by the nature of what it is, be a server OS, hence Win2k3 or 2k8. If the software explicitly needs WinXP or Vista, you would probably need to run a virtualization program (vmWare oor vitual PC, etc) to get the environment you want. That being said, if you go that route, you would need a dedicated server as a VPS will probably not have the resources you need to run the service plus the OS plus the trading software.

    You also might want to shoot an email to Tradestation and get their opinion how to run it on a hosted server.
  4. That, again, totally depends on the hoster. And the resources needed. I run all my server infrastructure totally virtual, including a database server with 800gb of data. Absolutely no problem. But then - a virtual server like that does not come for USD 20 per month.

    A higher end virtual server - no reason for not being able to run a lot more than a trading system. Those are not particularly extremely demanding.
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    hence the phrase "probably".

    Also, for the cost of a high end virtual server, for a few bucks more you could get a dedicated server and not worry about sharing resources.
  6. How about Amazon EC2.

    $0.125 per hour

    You don't have to run the isntace 24/7

    If you run it 8 hours per day 20 days per month

    8 x 20 x 0.125 = $20 per month
  7. What I do not like about them is that there is no indication how much RAM the machine has.

    And per my pretty extensive experience... RAM is a lot more a limiting factor than anything else. There are a lot of tricks to make RAM usage better on virtualization, and basically they kill performance ;)
  8. BTW I used run TS on a server without a problem. 2000 and 2003
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. I tried installing TS on Windows 2003 server couple of years ago and ran into some errors.

    In another thread someone mentioned the following, they apparently offer windows XP. Would do you guys think of the following solution?

    One concern I have in general with server hosting is that if someone wanted they could easily look at your trades. With TS I encrypt my stratergy code, but executions and history of trades are readily avaiilable. Thanks again.
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    Hi All

    I saw this post when i was looking information servers for my trading system

    I too want execute my trading system in a virtual server, I thought a dedicated server with remote desktop or similar. (59$ month)

    you know the band needed? 1GB, 2GB .. (include remote desktop + trading conections)

    you know more alternatives besides amazon? In amazon must pay GB. By the way, has someone used the amazon server?

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