Seriously What was Mccain thinking when he chose Pailin?

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  1. There were way more qualified women he could have chosen. Why did he pick her, it seems she is having a negative net effect on his polls.

    McCain would have been doing much better if he chose someone else. Can someone seriously provide me a reason why she is a good pick? Picking her as VP really turned me off on McCain as a candidate.
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  3. He forgot.
  4. He probably was wishing to steal some of Hilary's women votes esp after a significant number of them commonly referred to as PUMA (party unity my ass) threatened to sit down the election.

    Also, because he was consistently behind in the polls. He needed a "shock to the system." worked well ,for 2 weeks, till she opened her mouth for her first interview "In what Charlie ?" went only downhill from there.

    If she were a democrat, I'd say the same, she is a retard.
  5. He was kowtowing to Kristol.
  6. He could have picked a qualified conservative congresswoman for the job.

    This is what concerns me about McCain, he blew it for the republicans. He could have probably had a real chance of winning this election if he would have chosen someone with a stronger background.
  7. Pawlenty, put Minn in play, Well qualified
    Romney, Strong on Business
    Sen Susan Collins of Maine, Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas, both women, both qualified, Nah, he had to pander to the white trash wing of the GOP.....he picked this bimbo...and lost all the independents.

    The guy is a gambler. not very grounded
  8. I see what you mean by gambler. That is the last thing right now this country needs is someone who is a gambler.

    So unfortunate since we are going to end up with a real left president. But people seem more secure with Obama and I do understand why since he does seem to have a more calm/steely methodical resolve compared to McCain.

    My other though is how is it that McCain was the best we can do, Where are to Young generation of republicans that should be stepping up to the plate. We need a true fiscal conservative.
  9. Bobby Jindal, Gov of Louisiana. my friend. . Very promising, Rush sings his praises all the time, I listened to him on the Sunday shows. Very thoughtful.

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    Gov Pawlenty would have made an excellent VP pick
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