Seriously, this is amazing.

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  1. Everyone I watch on the Internet is making money.

    Chat room guys, all making money. One made 100k in DNDN today trading after the news hit and before the halt.

    Don Miller, mints money.

    Sykes, 99% winners.

    The Reaper , 98% winners.

    And these are only the ones I watch , or know about.

    ET, 97% winners here.

    Golden Sacks, billions in profit.

    All the pay rooms, billions in profit.

    All the prop traders, trillions in profit. Don Bright at least 1/2 of that with opening orders and pair trades.

    Amazing aint it, I wonder where all this coin is coming from. Must be someone losing. Or is this just the money Burn Ake is printing?
  2. They're all Monday morning quarterbacks, or in this case, Thursday evening quarterbacks.
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    For everyone who makes money, someone loses... and the players change seats regularly.

  4. Not me...50% at best....but I still manage a small profit.
    And that's the key: keeping the losers small enough compared to the winners.

    98% winners ?
    Hogwash. That only happens if you are scalping in millisecond time-frames with wide stops.
  5. everybody is winning right now....its more or less government welfare. they've made it easy to win.
  6. Another day, another huge score for dozens of traders buying the bottom in ITMN. I saw it realtime.

    No one loses anymore, unless you count making less than 5k a day losing.
  7. you seem bitter stockboy777. very bitter.

    I don't know who the loser's are in the trades you mention but we all win and lose as we go. The survivors just win bigger than they lose..

    Funny though, on DNDN last week 2 guys I trade with made money being long, several others, including myself, made money shorting the hell out of it when it reopened. Now did the guy who bought my short sale lose? I dunno, depends how long he held. Did the the guy who sold to me on my cover lose? depends when he bought. Although in both cases it was probably not a guy but a machine anyway.

    I know nothing about the traders you mentioned but 90% win rates are bogus or a great streak. In Dec 88% of my trades were winners for example, but that way over the norm of about 65%. Last month though only 48% were winner and I had one of my best months ever. Winning % doesn't mean much to me.
  8. Yep, big money was made in the move AH. I made a decent amount, +33,000$, but some made far more.

  9. Now that you mention it, it does appear that we have a disproportionate number of Market Wizards among us. Where's Schwager when you need him?
  10. not me either.
    losing for years and years
    (luckily relatively small stakes, but still painful enough)
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