Seriously thinking turning Fulltime trader

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  1. hi all fulltimers,

    Now holding a job which offer quite good salary. But have lost interest in it. Now just day by day floating by.

    Trading offers me only less than 1/2 the salary on average monthly. But at least i'm have interest on trading.

    The worry is having 2 children to depend on me, housing loan...

    Pls offer your view, thanks
  2. keep yo job homeboy

    and swing trade for fun :D
  3. Hmmm, lets see.

    The kids come first so:

    a) Take the day job and be happy

    b) Learn how to position trade

    c) Learn how to automate your system and trade by automation, while monitoring it at the job

  4. I agree with Mandlebrot,

    and hopefully sooner rather than later you will reach d) which is make plenty of money from trading to where you feel safe in retiring, and then you can really spend time with the family.

    But yes, kids come first.
  5. agree with the above post. trading for a living will create a tremendous amount of stress. of course every job has its own stress but trust me on this,trading is a whole different it on the side.
  6. mister_x


    So true! The stress in trading is on a whole new plane. You are literally putting your money at risk to make a living. I'm sure I can never quit my day-job no matter how boring to trade full-time. You have to have the right mental makeup and be willing to lose money to be successful.

    To the original poster, by looking at your phraseology, are you Indian bro? Just curious...
  7. The fact that you have 2 children and a mortgage is not an issue as long as you are serious about trading.

    There are so many more things we need to know before we can provide more advice. For starters:

    How long have you been trading part time and how long have you been profitable?
    Can your trading system(s) make money in bull,bear and low volatility markets?
    How much trading capital do you have?
    As a percentage return how much do you want to make a year?
    How much savings do you have to cover expenses during the early months or can your partner support the family while you are starting out?
  8. scared money is dead money
  9. Thanks for your replies

    You are right that the pressure can force error trade decisions. Sometime i imagine, if i trade fulltime, the pressure to make money can take the fun out of trading.

    But i really envy those who are fulltime, cause they has the freedom, of course, if i trade full time, i will not laze around, but scan chart, plan next move, etc, just that now i don't have the time, holding current job, not to say i will perform better, but i can do what i like, and not tied down by the task i need to do for day job, u know what i mean?
  10. hi,
    Have been trading for 4 years part time. Initially, when i started, i did play penny, which burn a big hole on me, then i switch to mid big cap stock.

    1st year has been a lousy year for me, 2nd year, there are ups and downs, whipsaw left right, then 3rd year started to make money, but my timeframe get shorter and shorter, then 4 year till now my account has been increasing faster even thru this bear market.

    Trading capital is quite small 50k only. Monthly expense is at least $3000, which i must make monthly, it is this which i'm not confident and giving pressure... plus spouse not really supportive

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