Seriously: should GG be banned?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by alfonso, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. A point was raised in the '6months, better worse' thread about GG running amock on ET with his idiotic threads and rants.
    IMO, ET is incalculably worse off having that idiot's threads and posts turn up every 2 pages.

    We all know it's not 'right' to just ban someone because we don't like them, but come on, it's GG we're talking about. Absolutely nobody is going to miss that deadbeat.

    Seriously Baron, you ban an actual contributor, like Hershey, and you let a living scum like GG pollute the airwaves? Irrational hardly comes close.

    Let's do the right thing and get rid of this fool.

    And before anyone says it, yep, my posts have hardly added anything either. But, since I do actually enjoy reading the odd ET thread (yes, there are some good ones), I'd more than happily agree to have 'alfonso' terminated as well, as long as GG gets canned.

    What say you, guys? Time to pull the plug on his ass?
  2. dbphoenix


    What difference does it make? All he has to do is change his name and come right back again.
  3. If the management were to ban every poster who was a fool, a buffoon, an idiot, a jerk, a megalomaniac, self-serving, illiterate, or completely incomprehensible...well, you know how this sentence ends. Don't take it so seriously. Its E(nter)T(ainment) for bored and/or insignificant traders. BTW, who is this Gordon Gekko to whom they refer? He doesn't post on any of the mock-serious threads I haunt, so he must be harmless.
  4. He's invested a lot in building up his "Gordon Gekko" personality, so I think it would be quite a blow to him if it was banned. Who knows, maybe he would throw in the towel? (Wishful thinking! :D)

    Look, sure, it might not be the magic cure all, but when it's as simple as pressing a couple of buttons, what good reason could Baron have not to do it?
  5. Spanky


    No, but I'd seriously consider banning your sorry ass. :p

  6. No no need to ban them all, hippy, just the fools, buffons, idiots, jerks, megolamaniacs etc with, say, more than 1000 posts to their name who show no sign whatsoever in altering their behavior (nay, delight in asserting their very right to it). Agreed?
  7. Spanky


    In that case, you should have been deleted a long time ago! :eek:
  8. Okay, fine. So delete me now. God, I couldn't care one iota. Take all my posts, too. But please, for the love of God, let's get rid of GG (and his pal "Spanky").
  9. Poor GG has contributed to this forum a lot over years even
    i doubt he have made any serious money from daytrading.

    If you ban him, what has left for him in daytrading? well, i do
    not know if you guys are serious, because i am not american.

  10. bobcathy1

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    Hmmm....Maybe it is time to call in Miss Manners to edit the posts.

    All posts must be polite.
    No profanity
    No character assassinations
    No mention of sexual preference
    No self promotion
    No lies
    No fabrications
    No fibs
    No mention of body parts
    No stupid remarks
    No leading questions
    No arguments

    I think that there would be no more ET.

    Horrors. A world without ET.
    I am going to faint.:p
    #10     Nov 14, 2003