Seriously FPC...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WDGann, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. FPC ROCKS...

    He's a bit drunk... but he's still a ROCK SOLID trader.

    He does go off verbally but he's still got a point afterwards.

    If you take out his teasiness, he's got some legitimate posts...
  2. I love Pussy... I need my daily dose of Pussy to make me feel like a man...

  4. appreciate the kind comments GANN :D

    FrUtiY you've always been ROCK SOLID in my book!:p

    candle, we've had our disagreements but you never held any grudge, .. your OK to. :)
  5. stu


    Faster PC rocks.

    I have been hasty in the past with candletrader making unfair assumptions about his sardonic nature. If Faster is a brother I want candletrader to forgive and accept me back into the brotherhood. (so long as I don't have to trim me wick).

    Afterall Pussy and Candles can create climatic happiness.

    More power to Pussy has my vote:D
  6. pu$$y is as good as it gets, but...

    the best was super_ego. espescially when he got into that fight w/tony oz. You can do a search on that. its worth reading- nothing so funny ever.

    only thing that comes close is 777s relationship w/DB

    have a nice day,