Serious trading tracking software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ccasadei, Mar 26, 2004.

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    I've been using Excel and MS Money to track my trades found many deficiencies as I would like additional features like:

    - Enter information like reason for the trade, stops
    - Automatic calculation of risk $/$
    - Ability to attach a snapshot of my chart drawings...

    Is anyone aware of such a tool ?

  2. use a search engine and perform a search..."electronic trading journal."
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    yes... did the search... nothing really serious came out...
  4. you want is doable in Excel and Word.

    How do you (or anyone, for that matter) calculate risk v. reward?

    To me that is a proper calculation for a style of trading i.e. swing trading. Do a search on this site for a thread called, "For the equity trader." I did a spreadsheet there that automatically calculates a risk and reward for retracements. That might give you an idea how to proceed with the R/R aspect of things. Finally, if you want a presentation type journal save screenshots of your trades in your charting software or saved from the web using the various online charting services ( as *.gif files in Paint and paste them into a Word document.
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