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  1. J_Smith


    I set up a few private threads on this site in the past, but most who joined do not trade regularly.

    If anyone is interested in joining a new group for serious traders, then please PM me with your interest.

    If you do not trade regularly, then it is not for you. No FX traders please - any other market is welcome - stocks, commodities, options, futures, bonds - or, the usual suspects!

    There will be no pressure or any bullshit - just a place for a group of serious traders to have some serious discussion, away from all the usual rubbish!


  2. Good idea. Algo Money managers included I hope. Regards
  3. qxr1011


    imho they should have nothing to discuss about trading
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  4. J_Smith


    Any serious traders as mentioned, the method is irrelevant, once the person is serious, and fed up talking shite most of time, on sites like this.

    I don't know about others, but I am really getting fed up of talking rubbish, and want to try and get some serious discussion going, with some serious traders - which can never happen on a public forum like this.

    It is not about divulging "secrets", or trying to prove anything to anyone - just a simple honest discussion between serious traders, as it is very boring talking to yourself most of the time:rolleyes:

  5. Handle123


    Though think about it, anyone who is serious wants to concentrate and don't talk it as they know how to trade, and most of those who show up want to be taught. Of course you really want to know "secrets" or more like the hundreds of nuances, otherwise you end up talking rubbish. There are very few in most forums who trade period, this is a place most just attack or complain about the markets. More negative than positive, more takers than givers.

    I wish you luck in finding, but I doubt you find who you seek, trading is generally stay in your cave and work solo. If you want to have fun from time to time, join a free trail and see how fast you can get bounced from them, LOL.
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  6. J_Smith


    I disagree, as I done it in the past - there were 4 of us, and only 2 of us ended up in close communication - yes, you are right, this chap showed me some things I had never seen, and I showed him some he never done.

    But this is not the goal now - I know what I need to know at this stage, no bragging, just fact.

    It would be nice to speak with someone similar, if for nothing else to laugh at all the idiots on these sites that know it all:rolleyes:

    One thing is for sure, if you never ask, you definitely will never find any such person.

    Again, no divulging "secrets" - think of it as a place for mad people to hang out and try and get a bit of sanity into their lives:D

  7. vanzandt


    Send me a PM, I'm down. Your profile appears to be locked, or I'm clicking the wrong things.
  8. J_Smith


    Btw H3, if you have a shit load of seats rented in various exchanges, what the fuk are you doing wasting your time on this site:wtf:

    Don't tell me you picked up your strategies from this site, as I will find that very hard to believe!

    Apart from the usual good points in relation to "YOU", the trader, the only worthwhile post I have ever seen on this site, is the recent one by OG - how the fuk did I miss something so simple, and I traded index options for over a year - just shows I hadn't a clue what I was doing at the time:rolleyes:

  9. J_Smith


    Oh, will check that now!

  10. J_Smith


    Try it now, just to make sure it is working.

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