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  1. Historically, some people will place dates on things like the fall of the Roman Empire or the fall of Greece, but, in reality, these were processes. These were "event's" that took place over time.

    The "forewarned" had better have gotten the fu(k out of the way!

    When is the fall of America? We see things like a college education not being worth what was payed for it (future cash value). It makes one think! If education doesn't buy you value...if citizenship doesn't buy you value...can we accurately, astutely set a date for the fall of America?

  2. Hello Mods! I hope this post does not offend you! It is meant in the highest terms of economic thought. I don't want this post to denigrate into some political claptrap. This post is really meant to spur thought into what the "end throes" of a civilization look like and how those who exist within said protect REALLY is an economic question.

  3. All "dynasties" throughout the ages have collapsed. Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Viking, Byzantine, Ming, Persian, Ottoman. Spanish, Portugal (yes Portgual),Dutch, French, Czarist Russia, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Inca, Mayan, Aztec etc.

    It's human nature.

    Doesn't change, only technology does.

    The sun never set on the British Empire.

    We've only been a dynasty since WWII. Dollar replaced pound sterling as reserve currency. Baby boom and explosion of both industry and suburbia.

    Draw your own conclusion.
  4. America is like no other

    Its agencies can control manipulate 189 countries in the world secretly. It can monitor phone calls and internet 24/7 all around the world

    It can print such a paper and as much as it wants and yet it will still be valuable in any 189 countries in the world and used and respected as money.

    It can borrow money as much as it wants and pay almost no interest.

    its language is used in all 189 countries and between them in the world.

    By using subliminal messages it can brainwash kids in 189 countries in the world in whatever way it wants.

    Its satellites can monitor and track any device/person at any given time in all 189 countries.

    There has never been a global empire like America in the history of mankind.

    America will never fall. Get used to it.
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    Ok, so when did Britain 'fall'? It was the undisputed global power from 1815 to 1945 but simply lost territory and influence.

    It still hasn't fallen as such. It has merely lost status. It is still a reasonably successful country.
  6. This doesn't answer your question directly - But -

    If productivity reaches a plateau, going into a range of "stability" and the continued debasement of labor and the capacity for private and public debt slows down to a crawl... do you think that would strengthen or weaken a currency?

    I'd say that all things given, it would lead to a competitive devaluation, possibly which the US may be doing. All countries would have to toss off their account surplus and jump in bed with the US too..

    Thats the current state of things imo.
  7. The day that Gordon Brown became chancellor.
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    +1 :D
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    Brown wasn't a bad chancellor for a few years. Remember, he was known as the Iron Chancellor for some time. Fook knows what happened after that, he just went bananas.

    The UK still has status. It has a permanent membership of the UN Security Council, has nukes, has the capability to start wars with other countries etc. But we are broke, probably worse than the US, our inflation rate (officialy) is about 5.5%.

    A sad story.
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    So glad to learn that you are no longer in a coma. But, just to update you, the USA has been in freefall for some time now.
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