Serious question regading prop firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by spyglass, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. And if Im making 20k a month, why would I give you a cut of the profits when I can keep 10k in the account, have no downside beyond that, and if I lose it, I can make it back in 1/2 month.

    No up front capital deals are for rookies and losers!
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  2. you are so outta your league. there are guys at some shops making $20 million a year, they're doing it as real prop, trading fund money. you should really ask yourself why you're in the situation you are (doing secured prop) it's the worst deal out there. if you're really good you're not at a secured prop shop, you're at a real prop shop where you have no downside. if you're at the level below, you should be trading your own money as a retail trader (not secured prop and not paying any extra to leeches (middlemen)) and you should be paying dirt cheap tickets and should not be concerned about leverage because you're trading a six or seven figure account. why do secured prop??!?!? because you're desperate for capital? why pay inflated tickets? why give away any portion of your upside??? why pay desk fees??? why subject yourself to firm risk??? besides the fact that the whole structure skirts the SEC/fed laws! bottom line, if you're really good (or know what's good for you) you shouldnt be doing secured prop. secured prop is a piker's game which only serves the interests of the brokerage firm.
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