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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by spyglass, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. I have traded with a prop firm for several years and I am quite profitable. I make a couple hundred thousand in net profits after commission and expenses etc.

    My questions is what type of deals can I get if I switch firms. Are there deals to be had regarding a higher payout structure, lower commission or perhaps a rebate on commission. Perhaps they pay some type of signing bonus or a deferred compensation bonus.

    What would be my best avenue for looking for the best deal. It's always about the money and I want more. What type of deal could I hope to get? I would even be willing to move locations.
  2. complete obvious shill BS poster. you are saying you have been in the biz for years, make a lot of money, and you can't figure out how to switch firms or make a fucking phone call to shop for a deal.

    It is BS like this that can destroy a message board for the real posters.
  3. This is one I can definitely get on board with. Spyglass is making hundreds of thousands of dollars yet doesn't know anything. Oh....where can you get a better deal with payouts??? Thanks for the laugh.
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    .... Most of this board is this type of rubish. The ratio of signal to noise is poor .....
  5. First of all it is not BS. The problem with this forum is that people don't want to help they just want to flame people and say they are shill.

    I don't understand. I work for a prop firm I average just over $200K in profits and I am just wondering what type of deals people get for switching? I am not asking to name firms or promote anything I am just looking for some ideas and help.

    I know how to pick up a phone and ask but WTF use is a forum if nobody is going to bother answering questions.

    How much of a life do you have if you want to waste your time and flame me and call BS on my post. Do you really think I have nothing going on in my life that I would make up some BS story just to post it here.

    Please if you have something to contribute to so if you want to waste time the search for some porn on google.
  6. spyglass,

    Relax buddy, I believe you.

    If you pm TM_Direct, he can hook you up with some good deals with SS, LLC.

  7. LMAO

    I recvd. his PM and he was sincere...i didn't;t give him the " shill deal".....I think he is actually serious but i also think he may be exaggerating a bit....200k profitable traders on prop generally beat away other firms...but i gave him a few small fires to call...Im just curious Spy, how much upfront $$ are you expecting and who do you currently trade for? LLC ? Firm?
  8. I have been trading for like, 3 years, and I make over 500,000 bucks a year, or even more sometimes. I am in a prop deal where I am still paying more than I should. I have plenty of money to open up my own account becuase, like I said, I make so much money. I just like to stay in a prop deal and pay some middle man money that he doens't really deserve anymore, since he has made more money on me than I have taken home for like, 3 years or so. But I have no idea what other prop deals there are out there, and was wondering if there is another prop deal that would pay me more, while still allowing some middle man to profit on me, even though I have made plenty of money to go retail, get my own account with a low commission structure and 100% payout. I just want to stay in a prop deal.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but this is why no one believes you. If you have made money, it is easy to get out of prop deals and noone would stay in one after making the amount of money you are saying you make. Good luck
  9. First of all I never said 500K I said just over 200K. Second of all just because I make that I have expenses, house, car, wife that doesn't work and a kid.

    So I do not necessarily have $ to go retail and get margin. Also I have a lot more buying power prop than I would if I go retail.

    The reason I am asking the question is b/c I am tiered of giving up profits to the middle man as you say.

    That is why I am posting here, I am looking for some advice not looking to be slammed.

    I understand the ECHO and Andovers still give a 100% payout but what type of deals do they offer to someone that has made some money and isn't brand new in the business.

  10. WE HAVE A WINNER FOLKS!!!! only took three posts but the A-word was thrown in their...buddy, i was defending your integrity but you had to throw the A-word in there....ok , i promised i would;t do this but.....try

    they recently merged with MrMarket enterprises and have been in talks with Nasdaq about buying the AMEX so minimi will quit crying and get better option fills:D
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