Serious Question on Napoleon Hill Theory of Sex Transmutation

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  1. Hello....

    I just read the part of Napoleon Hill book 'Think and Grow Rich' about the s.e.x transmutation and developing a highly developed s.e.x nature. (chapter 11).

    I have found his book to be a good read, and presented in a unique style.

    However regarding this part on sex transmutation and a highly developed sex nature, I really am not able to absorb just what exactly he meant by this idea. I am trying to understand, but the closest Im guessing is that he meant to channel the motivation/ desire/ urge towards a non-physical expression and into a more productive venture.

    However, Im not sure this is correct. Because why would it be a sex transmutation? Why? What is a highly developed sex nature? What's the connection? Why can't he term it something else?

    Does that mean I should feel sexually pleasured when I achieve a goal as a result of transmutating my sexual nature into a highly developed one?

    Im sure Im missing something on this. I dont get it..... And because this is a popular book, I would like to ask for ur help and ideas, if u know what he's talking about.

    Many thanks in advance.....
  2. You can't grow rich following crappy recipes written for and sold to the average Joe.
  3. And where did Mr Hill get his Medical degree? There is no correlation between s.e.x. and trading.. N.O.N.E. is very cerebral, quantitative and analytical. Sex is hormonal driven...not cerebral. He may have gotten the idea from anecdotal stories of prize fighters who wouldn't have sex before the fight because they wanted all their aggression/testosterone in high gear for the fight. Not the same thing at all in trading... imo (though I don't have a medical degree I do have a degree in Chemistry)
  4. When your younger then 40 a man will have more "priorities" geared towards the accusition of sexual desires.

    Hill is basically saying change your priorities.
  5. it means refrain from indulging too much in the pleasure of the flesh, be a monk (once in a while)
  6. ===============

    :D An answer to question, a highly developed sex nature is what every man has until about 4o or 94 years, then its slacks off just a tad , occasionaly, in some:D
  7. It means go after women indirectly.

    Don't expend energy chasing them; expend it on yourself first.

    Start focusing on your passion in life, something that you do best and are proud of. Put all your heart, mind, and energy in becoming very successful at what you do.

    And ironically, this is when the women are drawn to YOU instead; when they see the success and confidence.
  8. toc


    Don't get me wrong, it is medically proven that keeping the water recycled is healthy, i.e. males should throw out the semen in the body on weekly basis, either by sex or other means ;-). Do not know about women though.

    Infact body cleansing is very important as once a year special diets should be taken for weeks at a time, to clean out the kidneys, liver, intestines, even heart and lungs. So holding off on sex for weeks at a time is not adviseable. Energy can be replenished with good food and herbal supplements.
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    "is no correlation between s.e.x. and trading.. N.O.N.E. Investing"

    I would disagree, trading requires lots of 'mental energy' and if you are worn out because you are having little energy left then your trading will suffer. After sex not only body but mind also goes into slower response speed. 'Little Death' i.e. the sleep after orgasm is a good example. So the bottomline is to keep matters budgeted and balanced and 'marathon sex ventures' should be planned mostly for Friday and Saturday nights only.
  10. ok toc which is left two is important bodly fluids etc the other marathon sex not so good except on firday and sat nites...all bs...the body recovers in 15 minutes...most women that I've chatted with said that sex invigorated them ie. after were into laundry, cleaning etc...still cannot see how in anyway sex is cooralated to trading!!!
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