Serious question for you die hard OWS supporters who want to eat the rich.

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  1. I might not get too many liberals answer this question and I might have to go to an OWS rally to really get it answered, but here is the question.

    Lets say tommorrow night, you find out you won $100 million dollars in the lottery. Out of that $100 million that you just won, how much do you think the government should get of that? What percentage?

    (dont get sidetracked with the payments over 30 years and losing so much for the cash option...for the sake of argument, the pre-tax check is for $100 million) So how much should uncle sam get? 20%? 35%? 50% 75%...? Name what you think is a "fair share".
  2. fwiw, Canada doesn't tax lottery winnings. I think that's the way it should be.
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    Well if the NEW ERA lot want a wealth ceiling of $10m that would make it 90%

    Maybe they would then fill the potholes etc. ?
  4. I should be taxed at the same level as Americas non-profits, trust and foundations. They choose if and when to pay taxes.:p
    If your trying to be serious then you have opened up a philosophical question that plaques the political system. What is fair? Ronald Reagan tried to answer it in the 80s. Many against taxes of any kind equate America with pick any nation you want. Neither nation is entitled to your money. Some say a nation should be run like a corporation. Not a lot of people will die for a corporation. Give me freedom fries or give me death. Not very catchy. Back in the old days they paid high taxes because the people loved their nation (not a corporation) People valued the institutions and freedom we enjoyed here. To this day their are still rich people who will subject themselves to our changing tax structure to enjoy the benefits of this nation. Soros, Murdoch come to mind. They could have sought Irish citizenship and paid low taxes but instead chose to go through the process to live and be subjected to our laws. Maybe they know a good deal when they see it. You have to determine for yourself what is a fair tax. What is your freedom worth, what is America worth? If nothing, then low tax, if America still has value, pay what you feel that value represents. America has hit hard times, we have lots of debt, for me, if I won $100 million, then it would be worth it to me to pay 70%, I can still be fine on $30 million. I would expect a Christmas card from the treasury though, I mean, lets be real.:D
    God bless America and her citizens, corporate and human.
  5. No amount of tax will solve our problem... EXCESSIVE SPENDING (defense, social programs, fraud, wasteful things).. MUCH OF WHICH TO BUY POLITICAL FAVOR.

    Personally, I favor a tax system which is broadly based and FAIR (non-discrimatory... no monies being taxed a 2nd and 3rd time).... and for deficit spending to be ILLEGAL except when in such a time as a foreign power has declared war against the US.

    Odumbo wants the rich to "pay their fair share". POPPYCOCK! Our present tax system is GROSSLY UNFAIR... TO THE RICH! The well-to-do pay not only their share but a bunch of other people's share.
  6. Don't be a fool, Murdoch needed US citizenship so he can control the media in the USA. There are regulations regarding the % of mass media a foreigner can own in the United States.
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    The top 1% pay 40% of federal income taxes (890 Billion collected x 40% = 356 Billion dollars).

    If OWS had their way and doubled federal income taxes on the top 1%, additional revenues (theoretically) would jump only by 356 Billion dollars.

    The deficit is 1.6 Trillions dollars, per year (4 TIMES larger than any gains made by doubling taxes on the wealthy). Ridiculous.

    To generate some actual traction, federal taxes must be doubled on the top 25% of earners (those earning 66K and above). At that rate, additional revenues would amount to ~800 billion per year, and cut the deficit in half. Of course, those rates would imply a total tax burden of >90% on the "top 1%", and easily over 60% for those earning 66K a year. At that level, people would cease to work. Those kind of taxes would devastate the economy. But who cares.
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    True, simple and profound. Yet so many just don't get it. Or don't want to
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    The USA never did like paying taxes - so what's new ?

    I certainly wouldn't waste a penny by giving to the forthcoming election campaign. The result is already decided by the Wall St. gang. The guy with the most to hand out in bribes will win as usual, just like the banana republics.
  10. Does any body/country LIKE paying taxes? Does any country like paying taxes when it is perceived that the people who control spending are greedy, dishonest, self-serving and wasteful with tax dollars?
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