Serious Problems with Genesis' Laser

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  1. I've been having issues with Laser for a while now and after what happened today I need to find out if I am the only one dealing with this.

    I continually get an error messgae when trying to pull up the detailed analysis view. It happened every know and then when I was using 284.5 but ever since the latest upgrade to 285 it has been unreasonable, I mean on a daily basis.

    When I click on the analysis view icon I get this message:
  2. So I have to click on OK for about 10-15 times before the window goes away and I get back to the trading platform. The problem is I can only see gross from the score window and I have no idea where I stand net this seriously throws me off.

    I finally got the analysis view to work at around 12:10 and it shows some serious discrepancies:
  3. I called genesis support to tell them about the issue and try to find out where I really stand. I was told -

    "the analysis view isn't always accurate and basically there is no way to know what was actually executed until the trades clear and show up on my web blotter tomm. morning."

    At this point I am just preparing for the worst.
  4. The Excel print summary would not come up for me as well earlier I kept getting this message when I tried to open it:
  5. hunker down.
  6. Now it works, this is what the excel summary is showing, hopefully the botter matches tommorrow:

    Edit: I am not trying to start this thread to bash the firm, I know there are alot of happy Genesis users on this forum and for the most part I am one of them. I just need to know if I am the only one having these types of problems.
  7. I have never used Genesis or Laser. However, is the PC you are using for this used only for trading?

    That means:
    1). All web surfing is done on another PC.
    2). All email is read/written on another PC.
    3). All new software is installed and tested for "sociability" on another PC.
    4). Only software necessary for your trading is installed on your trading PC, once it has passed step3.
    5). Does your backup trading PC - for which the same strict protocol is followed - exhibit the same/or similar symptoms? This is really important, especially if you had any software install/upgrade conk-out and misconfigured. Especially if it was a M$ update.
  8. So was your problem "serious" or not so serious? i mean i thought the whole system was down or you couldnt execute orders or something.
  9. I am having the same issue but it is far worse as I get this error every time i get a fill or am trying to buy/sell. I need to hit escape 10 times to fix the problem. It only happens on some stocks and not til half way through the day. I thinkk it may be my computer or the install. Gonna try a renisntall soon.
  10. As to 1 and 2, I do not use it for web surfing. However I check email and my web blotter at times and am using this computer now to post on elitetrader.

    For 3 and 5 I am not fully clear on what you are saying because I am not too techincally proficient.

    I have 2 computers, one for trading and one for everything else. I tried running Laser on my other computer and have had the same issues and more, for example the Lvl 2 flicks in and out, no matter what quote server I am using. No way I would be able to use it to trade. This is for both the older version and the newest one 285.2, But I use that computer for a bunch of other things - web, itunes, etc. So I am not worried about that one.

    as for 4, The only programs I run on my trading computer are QuoteTracker (registered version), IB TWS (for data), Esignal, and Laser. There are the other typical XP Home applications that I run occasionally (Word, Excel, Notepad) for keeping records.
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