Serious Posters Vote With Their Feet

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Arthur Deco, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Recently I listed a poster I highly respect, Fearless9, as a real trader in a thread requesting such nominations. Later I received a PM from him that he had ceased posting here, and I think I do not reveal any confidences to quote his reason:

    "...sadly I felt that I was not cut out for trench warfare."

    I hope that F9 eventually relents, because he has been a paragon of logic and good sense in commenting on threads which lack both. And we have lost many others, one of my favorites of old being Nononsense.

    So I ask myself, how bad does it have to get before no one worth a shit is left to post observations of value? Why do not more people deluge idiotic posters with the calumny they deserve? I have many times warned that there is a Gresham's Law of posting: bad posting drives out good.

    Since many of you are city folk, let me explain the thread title to you. In my South, it is a tradition that the disenfranchised who don't like the politics where they live pack the pickup, hitch up the Airstream and move to another trailer park.

    What is the solution? I propose that moderators be more aggressive and institute some minimum quality standards with more comments that begin with "You dumb fuck...."
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    Frankly, the "bad" posters don't bother me as much as the posters that should know better but continue to respond over and over again and at times even become childish and then others join them in the taunting.

    In the end, these posters actually kill a lot of threads more often by cluttering it up far more than the "bad" posters do IMO.

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    The moderators have consistently demonstrated that they are more interested in quantity of posts rather than quality which isn't too suprising considering how revenue is generated from a site like this.

    Until that attitude changes I don't see the purpose of proposing anything.
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