serious post- how many have Enlarged Prostates ?

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    any of you guys have enlarged prostates? a friend who is only 42 and a very good trader has an enlarged prostate. he said he was waking up 2-3 times night to urinate and also urinating alot during the day. he attributed it to the stress and anxiety of trading but its his prostate enlargement. this had me thinking since i have never got a prostate exam. his psa levels are fine, just an enlargement.
    i piss alot as well and will go for a check up, you never know. interestingly, his doctor prescribed him low dose daily Cialis..yes cialis the impotence drug was approved in march for treating the syptoms of an enlarged prostate.Thismsounds funny guys but the prostate is a serious issue. lets not ignoreour health. witout health, mney means nothing.
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    I get up a couple times a night to pee. Had my prostate checked and did a radiological urinary exam. No problems. Can be stress or anxiety related, too. Also can be related to low testosterone. Any problems with night-time erections/libido? I'm going through all this right now. Not fun, at 34.

    The PDE-5 inhibitors were originally tested for patients with cardiovascular disease. The PDE-5 enzyme breaks down nitric oxide, which is the bodys natural vasodilator and anti-inflammatory. Keeps the endothelium slick and smooth, and prevents arterial build-up etc. A "side effect" was chronic erections, so pizer ran with it.

    Btw - erectile dysfunction is usually a precursor to heart disease. The fine arteries in the penis get clogged/damaged first, which interferes with the ability to maintain an erection. It's on the Mayo Clinic website. Scary stuff.
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    Deep seated infection of prostate might be something to consider - if infection gets there from another source the bodies immune system has problem getting at it. Very difficult to shift as prostate capsule difficult for antibiotics to penetrate - the one that does is unavailable in US (PM me for name). Alternative is Sulpha drug Bactrim (trade name) , but if you are one who has allergy to this it will make you very ill.

    I absolutely dread having old age Prostate enlargement (or worse cause) as never have good sleep again. Not even thinking about testosterone replacement in case this is a risk but a friend pointed out if it was it would be documented due to wide spread usage of T.
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    Add: No erection can be from enlarged Prostate impinging on the 'off" switch nerve bundles - probably a simplification but seems like it.

    As enlargement subsides day by day, strength starts to return day by day - from a situation where it feels* like trying to turn on a PC or TV that's not plugged in - absolutely nothing.

    *at least so they tell me.:D
  5. Wait till you hit 50... :(

    I'm in very good shape. Lift weights, pushups, can run up to the top of a 7 story building without it killing me (lunchtime activity), etc. I also have a very low PSA, but if I drink anything after about 4:00 PM...sure as hell, I have to wake up at 2:00 AM.

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    i have a low psa as well (0.5 ) i do notice more urination and since my friend mentioned it, i am noticing it more. i also do notice my stream is definitely weaker. imaybe its in my head but i do notice it.
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    You have to get up and take a piss? That's a problem? I hydrate all day, I wake up and take a piss a couple of times per night and I go back to sleeping.. take some time release melatonin and stay away from all the doctors, you are lucky if they don't do more damage than good.

    Quite likely males nowadays have high estrogen levels, it worsens with age. So take some progesterone, no prescription needed. I put some in my first coffee of the day and I feel a little healthier for it.

    I know a woman that lives in her car, she stops drinking liquids at noontime so she can lock herself in her car overnight. That works for her.
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    high estrogen also causes low testosterone. high estrogen is also thought to increase prostate size. as men age, their ratio of estrogen to tesosterone shifts to estrogen. also as we age, we still produce alot of dht which is in abundance in the prostate and scalp.testosterone converts to DHT. this is why as men age and have lower testosterone, the can have prostate problems as well as hair loss. men become more sensative to dht as they age. thats why men who have full heads of hair and no baldness gene start to develope thinning hair later in life.
  9. At 67, my prostate is now so enlarged that it protrudes and I can fuck with it.
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    What "stimulating" conversation
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