Serious Office Design help....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Don Bright, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. OK, although I enjoyed very much the various photos from and the ones posted here on ET.....I have a couple of months to come up with a cost effective, yet cool and useful set up for our new office(s).

    Basics....N/S wall about 22 feet long, in the corner with an E/W wall about 24 feet long with windows at about 4 feet high....

    Bob in the corner facing NW, Don along the East wall facing West, Tammy along the South Wall facing North.

    Darn, the "diagram" didn't come even close...I'll have someone post something up....

  2. OK, see if this works...

  3. you need to lay it out like a pentagram with a gann wheel at the center. this will bring you further success.

    LOL !

    surfer :p
  4. Great idea, Surf! But, for now, I'm just looking for furniture and free design help.

    Don :cool:
  5. I notice you are looking for "free" design help and "cost effectiveness."

    Why not pony up the jack and get it done right? Surely the Brights can afford to spend the money, can't they?
  6. I've found over the years that you get much better advice from those who aren't trying to pad their pocketbooks. I wouldn't ask a broker for stock advice, I wouldn't ask a Financial planner for Insurance advice, and I won't go to a "design team" to be sold excess $$ stuff.

    I don't pay (much) for advertising by writing in TASC (they actually pay me)...

    Maybe I can get some free help from the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" show, and some free advertising as well.

    I will showcase the results on TV and give free ads on our Radio Shows, etc.

    Trade-offs usually end up with better results tha strictly "pay for play" type of endeavors.

    (I may just end up getting stuff donated from Office Max, who knows).

    Don :)
  7. "I've found over the years that you get much better advice from those who aren't trying to pad their pocketbooks."

    Those who have not used top notch professional services tend to think that way. There is high class, low class, and cheapskate class. Most cheapskates have never availed themselves of true professional services when it comes to design aspects of the workplace.

    I will agree with you that those traders who try to mentor or train traders for sums of money to pad their pocketbooks fall into the category of mediocre and/or bad advice.

    It is just so ludicrous to me that you offer pay for services under the guise of "professionalism", yet in practice are a bloody cheapskate when it comes to your office environment.

    What goes around, comes around.
  8. Whatever you do, do not overlook the importance of hiring a grand master Feng Shui guy. He will tell you where you should place a potted plant or two, and it won't cost you more than a few thousand dollars.
  9. For a few grand, it better be darn good "pot-ted" plant....

    Don :p