Serious newbie in search for knowledge

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by c.chugani, Aug 6, 2006.

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  2. Is this kind some kind of a lame troll attempt?

    I was merely expressing my interest in the subject at hand.

    Does that really make me a loser?
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  3. na.. there is some truth to what Cheese said.

    You have to detach yourself from the market... indifferent to it.

    Having an extreme passion to do something would result in you doing stupid things.
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  4. Hi I'm a newbie currently in the same position as our fellow here c.chugani and my ambition is to be a career trader.

    I'm 21 and currently in the middle of a Economics degree and I've started reading some of the ressources online and understand a bit how important it is to be objective on top of the skills.. However my problem is different.

    I've known for about 6 months that I wanted to be a career trader and with an economics degree I might get an advantage in trading, but all I hear is not to do it full time right away!(not that I have any money).
    My dillema is this, I have 2 years until graduation and want to be a trader, that's my dream, but I somehow have to prepare for another career? What would my best options be, what careers can give me some good money with an economics degree? But also is it possible to get hired as a trader, floor trader, mutual fund whatever straight out of university, because that's where I want to be eventually.

    Thanks, I hope I get some good replies here, very active community, I figured it was best then another 'Hi I'm new' topic :p
    I also live in Toronto if that matters..
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  5. Wow, I wish I had used the search button before starting a "I'm a newbie, help me" thread.
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  6. what school
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