SERIOUS-Market to "tank" or "soar" tomorrow (FOMC) Decision

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Please give your answer...
    1-Tank 100 to 500 points
    2-Soar 100 to 500 points
  2. gangof4


    thanks for the newsflash there champ. and you felt there was a need to start this thread because?...

    think twice next time and try not to be one of the idiots who starts one of the 30+ meaningless threads each day.
  3. Sir...1 or 2?
  4. It's either going to be like Nov/17/98 or 5/10/06.
  5. ES up or down 50?
  6. Arnie


    My bet is .25 cut and the market nothing. This thing is so baked in now.

    Now the Fri payroll numbers, that's a whole 'nother thing:D
  7. With all the worry about high oil prices the market will sore almost 500.
  8. No Cut - Market Tanks big time

    25 Cut - Market begins to weaken sort of like the weak that led up to that 370 point fall.

    50 Cut - Market rips higher.

    My bet is on a 25 cut.
  9. I think no cut would rally the market.
  10. GaryN


    There are a lot of discussions on here about is trading gambling. Trying to frontrun an economic number seems like pure gambling to me.
    #10     Oct 30, 2007