Serious Inflation ?

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  1. Hershey [HSY 54.35 -0.34 (-0.62%) ] Wednesday announced a nearly 10 percent price increase across its line of candy products to cover rising raw material costs, fuel and transportation.

    I am on my way to the Canary Islands (Flying out tomorrow) to meet with a group of Private Equity Players, groups from around the world.

    Our key topic is, Inflation.

    It will be an interesting meeting even though the ASS CLOWN SORO's will not be attending. (it's a joke, we would not invite that Liberal Scum bag.) I would say, all of the people attending are in line with the philosophies of Ayn Rand.

    Nevertheless, Hershey's estimates I believe, are just the start.

    STAGFLATION in the US will come with a heavy blow to the Middle Class. Wages will continue to fall, unemployment will continue to rise (Regardless of the idiots and their numbers out of DC) and inflation will beat that of the Carter Years.

    Steamship lines are about to pass on a massive surge charge. The Baltic Dry Index is heading even lower as I typed. Goods world wide will slow down in shipments which could lead to lower quantities of items. Many are calling for Food Shortages. I may agree in some detail but it will be from the lack of Shipping not because of Global Warming.

    As I speak, three major Shipping Lines, that we raised capital for, are starting to schedule less " Trans-Atlantic runs". They are consolidating Containers as well.

    Basic Freight Forwarders who move goods like Wheat, Oil, Special Project Cargo are unable to Hedge against this Energy Inflation and will have to pass on their cost to Manufactures who are are supplying the Cargo. The manufactures will and have already begun to pass on to the "Companies" who need the cargo and now the consumers are about to be bitch smacked, heavy.

    Our investment models in the US point to the start of a "Recession" beginning in June but being disregarded until the FED has no choice and the GDP numbers are revised downward towards the end of this year.

    2012 looks to be worse than 08 base on our outlook.

    But who are we. So, my team could be wrong.

    We see growth in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and the philippines. We see moderate growth in Brazil along with Chile, and Parts of North Africa.

    But then again, who are we. I'm sure there are 10000 "real"players here on ET that will come out to debunk this forward guidance.

    Save this post. And talk to me at the end of the year.
  2. lol. you talk like a high school kid and you are going to a special meeting where george soros has been excluded. all kinds of dreamers on et.
  3. Nobody truly knows who they are interacting with on the internet. Could be a billionare , could be on welfare. I take most things at face value based on the fact that there isn't much to gain by telling "fairytail" stories.
  4. you hang around et much?